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Specimen Zero Mod Apk No Limits 1.0.5 + Unlock Shop + No Ads

Hello guys, welcome to the Indonesian Dota 2 website. I’m going to talk about “Specimen Zero“. Here’s the full review below:

The horror genre has become big in the gaming world since popular games like granny have gone big. Now, you will see a lot of horror games that are growing fast and new games are released every now and then. If you are someone who enjoys challenges and you are not a ghost phobe, then this is the ideal type for you. Specimen Zero is today’s latest horror frenzy where you have to escape from this horror location! There is a dark place here with secret buildings and a lot of monsters!

Published by Café Studio, this horror game is a typical escape game but with a lot of twists and turns. Here, you have to collect and use items to protect yourself from the creepy creatures that roam. You have to be careful because the monster can hear everything and will try to eat you. Here, you have to solve puzzles, dig and collect items to help you escape. Can you stay calm and escape from this scary building?

What is Specimen Zero?

Specimen Zero mod apk is one of the interesting horror games with lots of exciting challenges released by Café Studio. In just one month of release, the game has garnered more than 20,000 downloads and received a lot of positive comments from players.


Survive and escape

There are many things we cannot say in the world. But what if you suddenly wake up in a deserted place where the last work we remember is hijacked? There are many games based on this premise, but the only game that can entertain us today is Specimen Zero. Here, we will go through a series of challenging rooms where you have to chase the exit. But you have to be careful because these monsters may see or hear everything we do.

To escape, you have to be careful not to make loud noises and solve different puzzles in different rooms. There are so many rooms here that will be raising our heart rate in no time! You will have to search every location here to find keys, clues, and other items that you can use to escape. But you have to be more careful because you don’t want to make any noise. If we are not careful, you will only chase death here.

There is a big dark location here that is full of secrets and you have to find a way to escape. Find scary adventures here and have fun!

Specimen Zero features

If you feel you have the guts to play a horror game then Specimen Zero is the game for you. Here, you must find a way to escape.


  • Horror game fun

There is just something about horror games that makes it fun for people. While we don’t like to be scared, horror games are the ultimate test of our bravery today. If we’d like to test ourselves, we can try playing Specimen Zero today! This is a multiplayer horror game full of scary things where you have to find a way to escape. There are many monsters here and the room is full of dark secrets.

Here, you need to find a lot of items to escape. We will search for items such as keys, weapons, ammunition, drugs and many other things. You must find a way to survive and get out of the buildings of the day before the monsters catch you! But above all, you need to be calm and you have to move slowly so as not to be noticed. But things won’t be easy because things can get scary as fast as they can!

  • Collect items

There are many items that you can collect in this game. You may need to solve puzzles and hunt secrets and passages to escape here. Do not assume that this game will be easy because there are many challenges that you will face. Here, you have to solve puzzles and hunt down all the secrets in the name of escape. Try to hunt down the guts to solve the puzzle to get out!

  • Research about

In this game, we are free to move between different rooms and locations here. You can move around here to navigate near different rooms and locations today. Then you can also pick up things and use different things to do different things. There are also weapons here that you can use but you have to be selective when using them.

  • Different stages

In this game, there are many levels. There is a normal mode where the enemy moves at normal speed. There is also a large stock of medicine, batteries and ammunition in this mode. Then things get more difficult in Loud and Nightmare mode. Here resources are scarce and monsters are more sensitive to sound and light!

  • Multiple

We can also try playing with friends here to make the experience more fun and less scary!

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Download Specimen Zero Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Download Specimen Zero now and enjoy the latest horror survival game today!


App Name Specimen Zero
Category Arcade
Version 1.1.1
Recommended Device 4.4 Android And Up
Size 145 MB

Download Specimen Zero Mod Apk 1.1.1 V1

Download Specimen Zero Mod Menu 1.0.5 V2

FAQ Specimen Zero

I know many of us still have a number of questions regarding this game. We can check this FAQ for more information or leave our questions in the comments section to let us know.

Is Specimen Zero Mod Apk Free To Play?

Yes, definitely. This version offers the most fluent and comfortable experience with highly advanced features. Feel it now!

Does Specimen Zero Mod Apk have a multiplayer mode?

Whatever the game, playing with friends and family is always better than playing alone. The in-game experience will become even more intense as you compete against specific partners or players in the world.

What do I get when I download the Mod version?

The MOD version of the game will improve your survival skills. You can also build a safer base for yourself. These interesting features will make our experience more enjoyable.

  1. Unlimited Everything
  2. Outstanding horror levels
  3. Free to play
  4. No ads

How to Download and Install Specimen Zero Mod Apk?

As always, we provide you with detailed instructions on how to download and install Specimen Zero on your Android device. If you don’t know much about Android, you don’t need to worry because the steps below are very easy to understand.

  • Download the Mod APK file that we provide above.
  • Open the downloaded file, tap “Install” to start the installation process. If you refuse to install, you need to take another step.
  • Go to “SettingsSecurity“, go to the “Unknown Sources” option and then turn it on.
  • Now you can go back to step 2 to install the app without any trouble.
  • Once done, you have successfully installed Specimen Zero Mod Apk on Android.

Thus Brief Review About Specimen Zero Mod Apk No Limits 1.1.1 + Unlock Shop + No Ads

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